Angella Fraser.

Be guided by a coach who has been - and hasn’t forgotten - where you are.

Over the span of a 30 yr IT career, I’ve felt the sting of all the “isms” (sexism, racism, ageism). My work building global programs that invested in the success and satisfaction of employees through the use of their gifts, fully aligned with my own. It worked, productivity soared, and I had the receipts to show the ROI. Never had I felt so on purpose, empowered, and ready to branch out on my own in 2016 at 55. I leaned into my joy!

(Double Dutch anyone)

Choose Joy Challenge.

The “what’s next” times in life - career change, empty nesting, divorce, retirement - can be quite difficult to process. Imagine using them as opportunities to intentionally choose joy; the joy that comes from doing more of the specific things that put you in your groove and enjoy life to its fullest. When you know what they are - like variety, calm, certainty, or harmony - you can learn how to strategically make them a part of your every day.

Joy Strategy Coaching.

You have a list of accomplishments under your belt and your fully empowered future is calling you. Move into your next chapter deeply knowing you are wonderfully made, with specific gifts and experiences that have made you wise. Lean in.

Becoming more aware and amazed by your gifts will lead to using them more strategically to achieve goals faster, more consistently, more confidently, and more joyfully.

Motivational Engagements.

Angella Fraser (she/her) is a Joy Strategist! She believes we have to get serious about prioritizing joy and challenging the idea that joy has to wait, is less valuable than money (as if the two are mutually exclusive,) and is reserved for the few. None of that is true!

She’ll strategize to help you put joy in its rightful, divine place in your life; first! Angella is available for keynote presentations, workshops, media interviews, and spokesperson opportunities. Her range of diverse experiences and drive for exposing profound truths create immediate new possibilities for audiences worldwide.

Black Boomer Besties from Brooklyn.

We are advocates for authentic living as older wiser women.  Our podcast opens up conversations that broaden perspectives and challenge outdated assumptions. Though we are boomers and proud Black women, our audience is diverse in age, gender & sexuality, politically, and racially - all of 'em! Listen on all major podcast platforms and see us on YouTube.

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