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Extraordinary Products & Services for Professional Women

Meet The Team

Tonia Scott
Business Development Mgr

Rhythm Wigs

About Our Company

Amy Caidin
Color & Styling Specialist

Licensed Cosmotologist

Natalie Hinds-Scott

Hair Innovations  Specialist

Licensed Skin Care Specialist

Lisa Genschel
Business Development Manager

I founded HeadSpace NC after considering how I could offer the best of who I am, what I've learned to do well, and what I care about most.  Throughout my life, I have always noticed intersections and overlaps in concepts, patterns, points of views. This gift has led to the inspired combinations of materials and people that I bring together, both in my corporate and creative arenas. 

HeadSpace NC just launched a line of curly/kinky wigs (Rhythm Wigs) with the mature woman in mind. We also offer a line of custom made hats (Custom Culture) that have uncommon pattern combinations like Kente (from Ghana, West Africa) and Houndstooth (from Scotland). In addition, HeadSpace NC hosts monthly courageous conversations about diverse topics called, HEAD Talks (an acronym for Highlight, Embrace and Advance Diversity).  

Custom Culture hats and Rhythm Wigs are available online and at various Pop Ups in the North Carolina Triangle area (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill).

Angella Fraser 

Owner & Creative Director

Natural Hair Care Specialist & Certified Wig Maker

20+ Year Corporate Manager

Dr Leslie Osei-Tutu
Finance Manager

Carla Forte
HEAD Talks Facilitator

Coach & Licensed Therapist